Sun Moon Stars is a transmedia production company, creating original content across multiple platforms since 1994. The unparalleled production value found in our work for networks such as the WB, CBS, Turner and MTV resulted in multiple Emmy nominations and winning a Froggy Award from the WB for best national broadcast promotion. Currently, a growing list of innovative reality and documentary programming is in development with one-of-a-kind characters, original concepts and experienced creative teams. We are first and foremost a creative company with a history in broadcast and digital production. We create original broadcast series, promotions, image campaigns, also interactive exhibits, and in the digital domain we have created viral and informational videos and video-based websites.

Michelle Kabashinski is leading Sun Moon Stars, currently producing a short film, Tradition (TraditionTheFilm.com) starring Tony ward winner Shuler Hensley. Michelle is Communications and Fundraising Chairperson for the Georgia Production Partnership and is also an actress, appearing in the upcoming Lifetime Television film, Ring of Fire, as the country music legend Sarah Carter.


Lux et Veritas or “Light and Truth” is our motto and our mission. Derived from the ancient Hebrew “Urim and Thummim”, which were sacred stones for divine communication, we believe the medium of film, television and the yet invented digital formats can become powerful tools for the transformation of mind, body and spirit, empowering the viewer to see the world with new eyes and connect to the truth within. It isn’t necessary to narrowly define our creativity, but yet we declare our intention to infuse this philosophy within our process regardless of genre. This notion of bringing a moral sense to the creative medium and taking responsibility for what we create has become the rallying point in attracting an incredible group of talented individuals who aspire to create with a sense of purpose. By sending out light and truth to lead others to a higher consciousness, we strive to live by the truth within ourselves.


Sun Moon Stars strives to create original entertainment and informational content, including non-fiction documentary and narrative storytelling, in film, television and digital distribution. Beyond the creative process, as transmedia producers and content strategists, we will continue to oversee long-term planning, development, production and maintenance across multiple platforms and create original storylines for new platforms. We will help define the entire development process and integrate it with image, brand, SEO, social marketing and CMS strategies, offering quality creations, valued by our audience, ourselves, our partners and clients.

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